Steve Duron for Santa Monica City Council 2012

We all know that today money plays a HUGE role in elections.

As a candidate, I have had financial support from family, friends and neighbors – mostly in $25 and $50 amounts.  In these hard economic times, I'm grateful for their contributions, and I will work hard to put our community first every day.

Did you know that $400,000 has been raised by the developers calling themselves “Santa Monicans United for a Responsible Future,”  (SMURF), and it is being used to promote the candidates that they would like to see in office?

Having knocked on doors daily, I have often seen the glossy handouts and green handbags produced by the developers calling themselves SMURF.  My wife and I receive mailers from this group daily, sometimes several a day.

Four things are true: 

1) The developers called SMURF can legally raise money to suit their interests;

2 The developers called SMURF cannot legally give money directly to candidates, but they can spend  ALL the money they raise to support the candidates they choose.  SMURF can buy mailers, staff to knock on doors and make phone calls, ads in local papers, and even little green bags.

3) Although the four candidates endorsed by the developers called SMURF cannot control what SMURF does and have publicly stated they have neither asked for nor can they directly use SMURF’S $400,000, the fact remains that they benefit greatly by it.

4) $400,000 buries the messages and efforts of other candidates. 

Perhaps Truth #4 is the point.  After all, that’s politics today, isn't it?

It is not the kind of politics I believe that Santa Monicans deserve.

To the developers calling themselves SMURF, I say:

-Shame on you for attempting to deceive Santa Monicans. 

This past week, SMURF sent two deceptive mailers, implying that the non-profit organizations, Mid-City Neighbors and the Ocean Park Association, endorsed the four candidates supported by SMURF.  Neither the Mid-City Neighbors nor the Ocean Park Association are allowed to endorse candidates and did not do so.

The developers may try to deceive us. 

They may try to influence this election. 

They cannot influence the choices WE make.  

No matter how many glossy mailers they order, or green bags they drop at our doors, they CANNOT BUY OUR VOTE.

Only YOU walk into the voting box.

Only YOU decide the future of our community.

Vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 – and choose who YOU want to lead Santa Monica.



One weekend this past April, I took my children to Ocean Park.  The park was crowded: parents and their children lined up to use two bucket swings, kids lined up to go down the slides.  Outside the enclosed playground island was vast empty space – acres of grass, sand and cement, in every direction. 

Ocean Park has room for a bigger playground, I thought, and it’s needed.  I want more for our kids.  They—and we—deserve more.  Someone should preserve the things that make Santa Monica a wonderful place to live.

And then I thought:  Don’t wait for that someone, BE that someone.

My name is Steve Duron and I am running for Santa Monica City Council 2012. 

If I am elected, I will:

  • Revitalize and improve our city’s parks and public gathering places, including expansion of the Ocean Park playground; 
  • Support legislation that cleans Santa Monica Bay and our neighborhoods, including adding trash and recycling cans to our beaches and city owned property;
  • Raise environmental awareness by proposing a plan to highlight it at city facilities and schools;
  • Be vigilant that future development makes sense for our city and does not allow developers to simply take over;
  • Ensure that the renewal of the airport contract addresses the concerns of our community;
  • Promote and emphasize cultural opportunities for our community;
  • Raise awareness about our City’s rich history with the recognition and expansion of historical landmarks; and,
  • Improve parking and congestion along our city’s business corridors.

When I was traveling with John Kerry on his presidential campaign, so many people told me that putting action to words is success.  I was successful in educating children on environmental issues with my volunteer work at Heal the Bay and I was successful at making streets safer as a prosecutor with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office.  

If I am elected, I will bring action to words here in Santa Monica.  To do this, I need your help.  Please donate to my campaign today.  

And join me in putting action to words.  Get involved in this campaign!  Together we can improve and preserve the things we love about this beautiful city.

Steve Duron for Santa Monica City Council – Preserving Santa Monica.

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TY :)
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Steve, I applaud your efforts in making a difference in your community. Having known you since Jr High School, I know always been a man of character and I can only wish you the best.
commented 2012-06-12 19:37:50 -0700 · Flag
I like that you don’t sound like so many politicians who are more interested in their own power or ego than in making real change to help people’s lives. You sound like you really care about Santa Monica. I like that you have specifics about what you want to accomplish.
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Website is under construction. More to follow soon!
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Steve Duron
Steve Duron for Santa Monica City Council 2012
I will change a "development first"minded council into a "community first" minded council.